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    Quote Originally Posted by reed9 View Post
    The problem with Gentoo is that compiling software will take forever on such a low spec machine.
    Amen brother!
    It would take days just to get Gcc or Python to compile and I really do mean days.
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    Well, just tested Slax, Gentoo minimal, TinyCore and INX. All of them get kernel panic and don't start, with what looks like the same message on each.

    I modified the Slax disk with their online module system, removing KDE and X, so it wasn't as bloated. It came up with a nice-looking boot-selection screen, but when I chose "console" (or similar) it got a kernel panic fairly soon in the boot process.

    INX was similar, it uncompressed the kernel, started showing messages, then aborted with "Kernel panic! Not syncing - attempted to kill the idle process". From memory, this (and output before it) is the same message that Knoppix and Slax got.

    Gentoo also had kernel panic, and so did TinyCore, although it was lot less verbose.

    I think I might just install a neutered DSL, it works even if it is a bit inelegant.
    Thanks everyone for the advice.

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    I'm having a similar problem... thought i might add though that the debian 5.05 netinstall worked for me (P166 64M RAM). Though DSL has a smaller footprint, guess it depends what you are trying to do. I also tried slitaz low ram, which didn't work.

    Good luck to all dinosaur users

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    For .486 machines. No X. 2.6 Kernel. May be right up your alley.

    antiX-forum • View topic - antiX-core-486-a1.iso available for testing.

    and a post/thread from one member below

    antiX-forum • View topic - antiX-core-486-a1 on really old hardware

    antiX-forum • View topic - antix-m8.5-486 on old hardware

    The OP was even trying to run Icewm on a P1 with 64 mb of ram.

    You will want the

    # antiX-core-486-b1.iso
    # antiX-core-486-b1.iso.md5sum

    Index of /antix/Testing
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    Nowadays is almost impossible to find a precompiled kernel that runs on less than i686. For GCC the first i686 was Pentium Pro. For anything less (Pentium, 486) you need to find right distro or compile it yourself, using a framework as Gentoo. Build will be slow, but possible, using distcc in pump mode.

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