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    I'm pretty sure its clicking
    That is never a good sign, would back up any imnportant data NOW.

    If the hdd is a IDE/PATA , try a different power connector, try a different IDE cable.

    On some name brand comps, the OS partition is listed first in MPT even if it come after the recovery partitions on the hdd.

    Have never used VISTA so at that point , can not help, can only guess. Depending no just how Vista sees the partition order it could cause all programs to be pointing to the wrong partition.

    I do not think the Vista bootrec will change the MPT , will only correct its mount point. Can use 'fdisk -l' to see.

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    Nah.. Tis a 200 Gb Seagate Sata Drive.
    My Ribbion is good so aren't the connectors.

    Yeah im lost at this point to used to XP boot.ini..
    Bootrec.exe in my opinion is terrible, i Can see the default drive is C: but i cant tell what partition its referenced to like i could in boot.ini .. =/

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    Any one else out there have any advice..?
    I'm really stuck up on this one.. =/

    I just can't figure out how to in either linux or vista's recovery disk or anything else you can think of, re-arrange the Partition tables volumes (sda) I just wanna move*
    SDA Disk Seagate 200/180 Gig
    sda1 - (Dell Utility) Fat32
    sda2 - (Recovery) HPFS/NTFS
    sda3 - (OS) HPFS/NTFS
    sda4 - (NO NAME) - RAW

    * SDA3 to Slot SDA1
    Hopefully will resolve my issue at Boot time where Vista boot's but, Hangs at a black screen with a Cursor right where the Login screen would be.

    Ps.> Ive tryed DiskPark's
     Select Volume 3
    Assign Letter=C | Mount= Volume1
    & Every Variation of it I Get multiple error's about not the right Syntax. Also >
    I've also tried Editing my Registry's Hive Setting's for Controlset003 . No luck
    So confused. Ne Help is mucho! Appreciated!!!!!

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    I'm not sure that is or not your problem. You would have to rerun Bootrec.exe.
    There are may programs to edit a hdd, but most I know are DOS based.
    Try to find 'hiren's boot cd' download link, google. It has many programs but some are useable but are copyrigted.

    The easyest looks like 'Ranish Partition Manager' , have not used it but did look and if you hi-light the Partition # a message ask's what position entrie you want it to be. Be sure to move both not just one partition. Find a how-to -use site be for useage.

    Another program is Nortons Disk Editor 'diskedit' , have used it alot but you would have to copy all 16 bytes from MPT #1 to #3 and #3 to #1. It is easy to make a mistake.

    Could download 'pmagic' ,linux based and use 'hexedit' but again you have to manually edit the MBR file. You would use 'dd' to copy the MBR to a file, edit it and then use 'dd' to write it back to the MBR. Programs

    I think Power Magic disk also has a program one can use to manual edit MPT but no sure.

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    Thank you very much again Lostfarmer...
    Trying PartedMagic As we speak.
    I'll inform you of the New outputs. =]

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    Thank you to everyone that helped, I got stuck .. Dell was no help for a Hardware issue w/ my Seagate drive and wanted to charge me $200 to fix this problem.

    **** 'em all, I did a Dell Factory Image restore.

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    if your drive is showing errors and clicking a bit louder than usual (with that drive you should just barely hear the clicking) then it will fail soon.
    I recommend recovering and backing up the files and replacing the drive.
    software fixes on a hard drive consist of marking bad areas of a disc so the os will ignore them.
    repeated appearance of errors is an early warning sign.
    your backtrack live cd has good software for recovering files so does puppy linux.

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