I'm trying to use Super GRUB Disk to install Musix GNU+Linux on my XP machine. I've extracted the files, located the kernel and initrd files, and made an entry in SGD's menu.lst file. When I try to boot it all seems to go well, until it gives me the following error: "Kernel panic :Unable to mount rootfs on device "NULL" or unknown sector (3,8)
Please append a valid root= option to the boot menu"
It's on the third partition on my hard drive ( (0,2) in GRUBspeak), so I entered /dev/hda3. I've also tried every variant of /hda, /sda, and fd possible. What do I do?

Here's what I put on the boot menu:
Title Musix
kernel (0,2)/linux root=/dev/hda3
initrd (0,2)/minirt.gz

Please help me!!!