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Thread: Need help!

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    thanks a lot m8, gonna try this stuff now

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    Hi again,

    ok the downloads are too big for the laptop because it has a very small memory, but i found the executable file for Nautilus, but when i double click it it says the file doesn't exist, confusing? will post screenshot when available

    EDIT: screenshot: i757.photobucket(.)com/albums/xx217/chris_gurrell/Screenshot1.png

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    How did you open Nautilus?
    You already had file Manager open. So no need to couble click on file manager.
    Use the up arrow (from what I saw in your screenshot) on the task bar till you see a bunch of folders like bin,boot,dev,etc,home, on and on.

    Scroll down to the folder that says etc
    open it (left double click)
    Look for X11. Open it. look for a text file that says xorg.conf.
    Right click xorg.conf and pick rename from the menu. Click it
    rename it xorg.confbackup

    After that the test file should read xorg.confbackup in the window.

    I ask how you opened Nautilus file Manager, (because that was what I saw in your screenshot), because you need to be root user to do what I am suggesting in Nautilus. If it opened by typing gksu nautilus in terminal. Then you are in root user mode and can make changes in the file manager like I suggested above. Hence the question.

    Edit: if you get that far to editing the name of xorg.conf. You can reboot after that and see if you will be brought back to a working Desktop

    Reference for later

    Stock Linpus Desktop
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