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Thread: Yoper or Suse

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    Yoper or Suse

    Hi all I want ot know from your personal experience which is the best distro to use?Yoper or Suse? I use Yoper for the past 2 months but in the past i used Suse mainly and Slackware but now i heard that Suse 9.2 is comming out and i want to know if it worth it to try it

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    there is no better distro. here is my experience with the two though:

    yoper is nice because it installs everything in 5 minutes - that's fast. it's also pretty fast launching programs, etc. but this gain in program launch times isn't significant enough for me to care.

    suse isn't like this, but it has more options in the installer - i like that better. i can install which packages i want instead of yoper telling me which ones i want.

    then there's package managers. yoper uses apt/synaptic which is nice, and suse uses yast which is also nice. it's more of a personal preference, but they're both rpm based.

    yoper and suse are both pretty easy to use in my opinion, and both have a number of gui tools. in terms of user-friendliness, suse probably ranks above yoper. i dont know if this is a good thing for you or not, but for me personally, i don't like a million gui tools just to perform simple operations that can be carried out from the command-line. but since yoper and suse are both relatively similar in this respect, i don't see much of a difference.

    stability with the two is about the same, at least in my experience.

    hardware recognition, in my experience, suse is pretty good. but there are some weird things like hardware recognition tools that load when kde loads in suse that mess things up. it took me a while to get a usb mouse working properly in suse, but yoper isnt much better or worse.

    overall, if you bought suse pro you'd be getting a really good linux distro in my opinion. so which one would i use if i had a choice? neither. but that's just me.

    so do you like slackware? if yes, maybe going the direction of yoper/suse isn't good for you. anyways, since it's so simple to try different distros, i would just recommend trying it for fun if you have the time and figuring this out for yourself.

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    Yoper is best by my standards. But not by a huge amount. SUSE is good also but yoper is best for all areas i think. plus the fact that suse is hard to upgrade without paying (i.e. 9.2) i would go for yoper

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    Re: Yoper or Suse

    Distro chooser

    Maybe this will help you...

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    I'm a newbie and I been trialing reading etc with a lot tops and non-tops
    my choices are

    Yoper, Knoppix, Mepis, Libranet & maybe Ubuntu!

    So Yoper for you, Not suse

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