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    Exclamation linpus linux lite nautilus is not working

    hi, i am new to this site and linux as i've always used xp and vista so please bear with me, well i have got an acer aspire one AoA 100
    i started having problems after an icon that could not be configured yet appeared on my desktop then the menu bar dissapeared and the internet stopped working and applications like my files and my doccuments seem to not open properly , they just flash a page as if they are tring to open but close .
    i think i am running xfce but i am not sure what is running or how things are configurerd i have tried to read other posts but i need to understand how and what to do your help would greatly recieved thank you so much for your time x

    when trying to run apps 'nautilus says it is not running 'so i ran nautilus in the terminal and this came up
    (terminal: 2937) GTK-CRITTICAL**:
    gtk_widget_realize : assertion
    11 GTK_IS_INVSIBLE (widget) failed

    (terminal:2937): GTK-CRITICAL**:
    gtk_window_set_default_size :
    assertion width>=1 failed

    (terminal:2397):GTK CRITTICAL**:
    GTK_IS_MENU_SHELL (menu_shell) failed

    also ran command 'find 'in the terminal and this is the error
    thumbnails/fail/gnome_thumbnail factory

    also when first start up error box pops up saying

    please if could you make any sense of this info i would be so greatfull
    thankyou again in advance x

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    I'm sure they had a good idea when they put linpus together. It's too bad that so many people who are new to linux have to tolerate such a trashy version of linux.

    My Acer One Aspire runs Ubuntu Netbook Remix and it's been a total pleasure to use. I would seriously advise you to switch it from Linpus to Ubuntu remix. It will save you tons of headaches.

    Google search Ubuntu Linux Remix

    You'll find all the instructions and how to's on that site as well as any support you may ever need or want. It's a great community.

    Even my wife loves it and she's a die hard windows user. (she's been converted LOL)

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    I have found my acer d150 is quite happy and well supported in most linux distros.
    Either try ubuntu or give eeebuntu a try. I preferred this to ubuntu, since everything works out the box.
    I personally run opensuse, but then I have a larger screen.

    My advice is to download the live isos of a few distros and try each on a usb stick and install the one you like. This will allow you to 'try before you buy', so to speak.
    When you install, make sure you have a separate /home partition so you can keep your personal data if you change distros.

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