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    I did not see any discussion or threads on moblin the new quick starting distro. Is any one from this forum has worked on Moblin distro. I need help building a 3g driver for the novatel device that has all the developer rersources available.

    Thanks for any response

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    I interested with moblin in the past for the aim of tv settop box operating system. I think it has not so much support but in you can join to community.
    I suggest, if you are experienced linux user, you can build linux distro from scratch. it is not so hard in my opinion and it would be very fast cos you design it according to your needs. you can find info on it is also fun indeed.

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    When building drivers, you need to have the development tools installed. It looks like the Moblin web site has all of this covered. Did you even look there?

    Moblin SDK |

    Getting ready for Moblin development |

    Installing Linux Development Tools |

    So, it looks like you can build on Fedora 12 or Ubuntu 9.10. I don't know if you can actually do it on Moblin. Be aware that kernel module drivers are kernel version specific. I would think that you need the kernel source/headers of the exact kernel Moblin uses.

    If Moblin uses the standard Linux kernel, then it is possible that the driver is already in the kernel. It may have not been compiled into it, though, to slim down the kernel size and speed up boot times.

    By the way, I don't believe that Moblin will be continued. The developers have joined forces with the Nokia Maemo developers. Together, they have started the MeeGo distribution.

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    I have the Moblin boot image installed on a SDHC card, so I did a little further checking on this.

    It looks like you can install all of the needed developmental files and applications right on Moblin. Moblin uses YUM, so open the terminal and login as root. Then updated Moblin:
    yum update
    After that is done, you can install the needed developmental packages:
    yum install kernel-netbook-devel kernel-headers gcc make cmake
    This should give you enough to start with. You may need to install more things, depending on the dependencies you may have.

    If you give us more info on the 3G modem that you are trying to use, we could give more specific help. Two of the most common 3G drivers are already present, the option and the sierra drivers. You can see the USB ID's of the cards supported by using the modinfo command:
    /sbin/modinfo option
    /sbin/modinfo sierra
    Both of those drivers also use the usbserial module. With that module you can input the USB ID of your modem.
     /sbin/modinfo usbserial
    filename:       /lib/modules/2.6.31..5-10.1.moblin2-netbook/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/usbserial.ko
    license:        GPL
    description:    USB Serial Driver core
    author:         Greg Kroah-Hartman,,
    vermagic:       2.6.31..5-10.1.moblin2-netbook SMP preeemt mod_unload PENTIUM
    parm:           vendor:User specified USB idVendor (ushort)
    parm:           product:User specified USB idProduct (ushort)
    parm:           debug:Debug enabled or not (bool)
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