i try to store the userprofiles from an Windows Terminalserver 2003 with AD installed on an openfiler share.
The openfilerbox joined the domain successfully . I can see the openfilerbox in the Computers section in "AD Computers and users" on the Terminalserver.

Now i had maked a share for storing all user profiles . Primary Group is AD-Users and the share has rw access for them .
When i try to assign the path ( \\IPAddress\users\%username% ) in the terminalservices profile section of the properties from a user and i click "apply", windows will make a folder called like the username in my "users" - share. But now if i try to login with that user and log out, windows tells me a warning that the profile path is "access denied".

I did a look to the security properties of the "users" - share and i see that the group AD-users are assigned to the share but they have no rights.
Trying assigning all rights here for the group AD-users did resulting in an "access denied" msg box.

Second way i tried was to make a second share in the openfilerbox as homeshare ( Make Share Homes ) and assigned the new path to my testuser ( \\IPADDRESS\homes\%username% ) .

Now when i try to login with that user i get the error message that the profile was not able to load because the network path was not found.

if i try access to that home share via windows explorer it tells me that the network path i try to reach was nod accepted by any networkserviceprovider. Hmm ?

So my question is :

how do i get it working ? Is there a god how to where i can have a look how assigning windows user profiles an an openfiler share ?
Does anybody did this successful allready ?

can anyone help me with this issue ?

many greets from tkbeat