Hi all,

Not sure this is the right place but let's give it a try... .

I use an Acer netbook A 110 (one of the very first Acer-versions) with the Linpus Linux OS. I would like to install some essential progs on top of what the basics are on this netbook but I have not the slightest idea HOW TO install progs in Linux, and particularly Linpus.

Can someone help or point a link to the right procedures? I read the procedures for other Linux OS on the site but then I am not sure they apply for Linpus.

I also wish to install an external Wi-Fi-antenna for usage with this netbook. The maker of this antenna wrote me I need to install a driver that he will send by email to install (no (external or internal) CD installed). Will that work? Here's a link to the page on Ebay with technical info:

[bit.ly/cNvzeI]eBay.be: 1000mW USB Wlan WiFi Adapter Stick + 10dBi Antennenfu▀ (object 110528874277 eindtijd 04-jun-10 13:48:18 CEST)[/url]

Is the kernel version OK?

I appreciate help and advise but be aware I have nearly NO experience with Linux.


PS: Cut and paste the bit URL and add the protocol in front of it to reach the page as I can not post url's as a newbie, I read here.