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    Looking for a small network-bootable PowerPC distro with rdesktop

    I am looking for a Linux distribution that has rdesktop (Windows remote desktop client) and everything needed to run it, but as little else as possible. The target system is an Apple iBook with 512MB of RAM and an 800 MHz PowerPC CPU. I intend to use it as an embedded terminal, and it is no longer in its original case. Its final application will subject it to more physical vibration than I would feel comfortable exerting on mechanical hard drive. This leaves me with network booting or various flash-based alternatives (USB, CF -> IDE, etc.). Network booting (which I know this hardware is capable of) would be ideal here because it would allow me to update the image without having to touch the unit itself. In any case, I would like the image to be as small as possible, to decrease complexity and boot time. I have tested the system by temporarily installing Xubuntu to a local hard drive, and everything works as expected, but a full desktop environment is massive overkill. The only thing it needs to do is connect to a Windows-based terminal server using rdesktop or a similar application. I have done things similar to this using more conventional x86 hardware and Thinstation, but the Apple hardware is what I have to work with this time around. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Not a PPC expert but if you have the skill to install CruxPPC. That is about as minimal as I can think of. As far as rdesktop goes. I have no idea. Distributions

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