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    Linux that supports Hard Shutdown

    hello guys,
    I'm new here but I really need some help here, I'm making a machine with no keyboard or mouse support for users, so I need the machine to support "hard shutdown" without spoiling the initialization files of Linux

    The machine has 1GB of disk, and the processor can be between (200 to 500Mhz), and linux version must support incoming ssh connections and local network.

    I'm using puppy linux, but it is a very heavy and on the "Hard Shutdown" is a disaster.

    Someone can help me?
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    welcome to the forum

    as root: "shutdown -h now"
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    it's not my question, so what i need is something like DOS but Linux, i dont need a graphical interface, just need the console to launch processes compiled in C + +, also need the ssh to change configuration parameters and to download files from the machine. Technicians also will not have access to the mouse and keyboard but will need to turn off the machine by the button with two positions on / off

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    I have a project very similar to yours with respect to the hard shutdowns.

    Currently I'm using LFS and it works well with ext3 but every so often entire directories will disappear on a power cycle. I'm dumbfounded.

    I would love to hear of another good distribution or a good way of making Linux power loss proof.

    An APU is not an option.

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