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    install problems

    I am having trouble getting yoper to install. i get the yoper logoscreen and hit enter (or typing novesa [enter] as it also instructs), then as it is loading it says something about bringing up the IO server or something, i forget exactly, when I try again I will post the whole thing. anyway, it just stops at that, the cd spins down and thats it. nothing else happenes. I have tried downloading 3 different ISO's from 3 different places, all 2.1.0. and none work. I burned all the cd's at 4x on a cd RW with roxio ez cd creator 5. When I check the cd in windoze XP half of the files are showing up as 0kb, i dont know if thats because of the file system used or what. anyways, help me out, what am I doing wrong. thanks

    * update *
    it gets to "using anticipatory io scheduler" when it freezez. but thats with the 2.0.0 but 2.1.0 says the same thing, just worded slightly differently. the line before it says "NTFS driver 2.1.14 [flags: r/o]" is that the problem?

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    AAAAAAHHHHH, it has something to do with your XP filesystem being NTFS, for some reason the Linux NTFS kernel patch is being a little strange, can you backup XP, partition, put linux on, then restore XP, I am not quite sure what is happening as I use RH9, but it would be a start.
    Edit: Why are you using Yoper when your distro says slackware, changing or something, LOL, just curious.

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    that makes sense. I am currently using slackware but I wanted try try a few different distros and Yoper is the one I was looking foreward to the most. I will probably stick with slackware, the laptop I have it on is the one I use for school everyday so I dont have the time (or 33gigs of space) to back up my whole xp partition and reinstall everything.

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