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    SaX recommended to put my LCD "out of range"/ what

    ive installed Yoper today and after the reboot /recognizing everything okay/
    my 15" LCD blanked out and a message ,by the monitor, saying "OUT OF RANGE".

    means it detected wrong resolutions and freq's. plz help me change something so i can enjoy that wonderful creation ive heard about.

    NVIDIA 5700 Ultra 128 , 15" LCD 1024x768 @75Hz.
    Yoper 2.10-4 , Slack' 10 KerVer:2.6.9

    i have 2x Seagate 40 Barrcuda and the
    /devhda1 /boot - of Slack
    /dev/hda2 - NTFS
    /dev/hda3 - NTFS
    /dev/hda4 - Yoper
    /dev/hdb1 - NTFS
    /dev/hdb2 - NTFS
    /devhdb3 - Slack
    and somewhere if the swap idont remember now

    as i sayd Yoper boots fine till all drivers are loaded then that msg "out of range" i pressed Ctrl+Alt+Bckspace and got that ASCII screen with something not useful about Sax like "...if you see this message twice then reboot...."

    What to do?
    i know the exactly right conf for my display in X from Slack. - xorg.conf


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    Did you copy your xorg.conf exactly from your slack installation?
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    no thing is..

    the thing is that icant get a chance to "say" something , cause as yopper boots up it immediately starts up Sax which sets the incorrect resolution and i cant c nothin. next- i press ctrl+alt+bckspace and the default vesa res comes back and there a message saying that...(that message from my first post).

    is thre some key combination during inux bootup that ican press so it wont start Sax or something...
    like pressing F8 in *indows boot.

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    1 another thing

    well i tricked that thing - the hard way:
    i got a decade old 15" CRT monitor which i plugged instead my LCD just after hittin Enter on YOS in LilO and that sax again set some resolution which my old timer couldnt display BUT then i plug in back my LCD which could display some weird res that linux was displaying and after settin the right parameters
    like 40-60KHz 50-75Hz LCD 1024x768 /0x341 graphix card...all came to peace.

    should be like that thats what i have to say.

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