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    [SOLVED] partition gparted clonezilla

    I have succesfully cloned my server with clonezilla in -k1 mode to migrate bigger harddrive.
    after this process I realize ,the part which is /dev/mapper/VG0-var that I need is still same size.
    I have Gparted installed in my CentOS.
    I need to resize /dev/mapper/VG0-var
    but I cant see this partition in /dev/mapper/VG0-var in gparted.
    I can only see sda,sdb and LVM
    LVM is the biggest partition and I guess /dev/mapper/VG0-var inside of LVM.
    any ideas how to resize dev/mapper/VG0-var more than welcome.
    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks to all guys, Specially user "baumgart"

    Gparted is a good partition program but it did not work my case. Since I had to deal with LVM file system

    by guidance of 'baumgart' the lifesaver, I managed resizing /dev/VG0/var in 3 steps.

    1-pvresize --setphysicalvolumesize 700G /dev/sda1 (resize sda1 to 700Gigabytes)

    2-lvextend -L +500G /dev/VG0/var (add 500Gigabytes top on existing)

    3-resize2fs /dev/VG0/var

    and success

    this is done after clonezilla expert mode -k1 is applied. Thanks to all

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