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Thread: One Stop Shop

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    One Stop Shop

    I'm looking for a distro that is one stop shop to do tech maintenance. I'm looking something like PartedMagic or Puppy Linux but preferably with more tools and abilities.

    It needs the following features;
    1. Virus scanners, applicable to both Linux and Windows.
    2. Disk partitioning, preferably something like Gparted.
    3. Bootable from CD and USB.
    4. Updatable, I don't want keep download the latest version each release just to get simple features.
    5. Installable software. Something that I can install new software if needed and still have it next time I boot.
    6. As many usefull tools as possible.

    Does anyone know of something that would fit this description in someway?

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    grml - persistency

    SystemRescueCD - Backstore

    TinyCore Concepts

    TinyCore would require more customization on your part.

    Many other distros allow for a persistent USB install as well.

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    Many other distros allow for a persistent USB install as well.
    Just to mention AntiX 8.5 also runs as persistent Flash and has all the tools available (except for virus tools which can be downloaded and installed via synaptic package manager). Repositories in synaptic are Debian Squeeze (testing).

    I run a persistent AntiX 8.5 Flash drive that I interchange between EEEPC 701SD and Acer Aspire One ZG5. Just have to change wlan0 to eth1 in wireless preferences in Wicd when switching the card.
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