i'm trying to automagically mount an NFS volume on my busybox mediaplayer.

Linux Iomega #13 Fri Apr 17 11:42:30 CST 2009 mips unknown

i'm able to put the following in my /etc/fstab which almost works:
ip:/home/cromag/folder /mnt/folder nfs nolock 0 0

if this is in my fstab it takes the box quite some time to boot, like 7 minutes.
If i boot without, it will reboot in 20 seconds. Something IS happening.

IF i have it in fstab, it doesnt mount at first.
I need to do mount -a for it to mount it.

I can mount it fine with a normal mount command.

My question:
Is there anyway i can auto mount this volume.

I've tried fstab, and tried /etc/init.d/rcS1:
/bin/busybox mount ip:/home/cromag/folder /mnt/folder

i might be missing something needed here.

Any hints ?

At this point im most likely not able to update either busybox or system.