I've always wanted to build a Linux From Scratch system on a laptop. I used to have an asus eee 900a, but I never set up a LFS for lack of other pc to use while it was being LFS-readied. Also the asus had some weird non standard acpi power thing that sounded like it would make the kernel install and other things like that much more complicated than it needed to be. On top of that with an SSD, you had to watch out for things that write to the drive way too often (treating it like swap almost when you can't really do that!).

While I don't have that laptop anymore, I am looking to maybe check out the Viliv N5, which is smaller than the 900. And I probably won't get an eee anymore, because well... they're pretty much full size notebooks now.

Has anyone used the Viliv N5? Is it easy to use physically? What about installing Linux distros? Has anyone tried LFS builds with it? Can it be done with just a stock kernel?