I request your suggestions on the following scenario.

In our eval board we have the 16MB NOR and 16MB SDRAM. in which redboot is used as bootloader and jffs2 rootfs is used.
boot script in eval board is : exec -b 0xC8040000 -l 0x200000 -c "console=ttymxc0 rootfstype=jffs2 ramdisk_size=9400 root=/dev/mtdblock3"

But in our newly fabricated board(with same size of SDRAM and NOR) we are facing problem with NOR access. Because of that we are not able to use the jffs2 rootfs. So For testing the kernel drivers we want to use initramfs as inbuild to the Kernel by giving the path to kernel config as
(/home/ram/bsp/ltib/ltib-imx27ads-20061115_eraser/rootfs.tmp) Initramfs source file(s)
in kernel menuconfig.

But I dont have answer for

1. what should be the cmdline arguments that has to be passed if the inbuilt initramfs is supposed to be permanent rootfs?
2. I gave path of rootfs.tmp(which is uncompressed form of jffs2 image) as the source for the initramfs, Is there any modifications required in init script or any where else?

Our ultimate aim is booting the kernel without any non volatile memory.
Note : Board has no ethernet support in the kernel level(So NFS is ruled out).

Your responses will be greatly appreciated.