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    BusyBox doesn't recognize new applet

    I'm new to the forum so forgive my mistakes please.
    I recently installed BusyBox 1.17.3, i'm trying to add a new applet to BusyBox, i read some articles about adding a new applets to BusyBox and tried to follow them.
    I created a new "Hello World" program called eladtest.c and placed it in the misc library in BusyBox.

    int eladtest_main( int argc, char *argv[] )
    printf("Hello World\n");
    return 0;

    I then updated the Config.src and files in the same directory and the Kbuild and Kbuild.src files.

    config ELADTEST
    bool "eladtest"
    default y
    test busy box to understand funcionality.
    lib-$(CONFIG_ELADTEST) += eladtest.o

    iv'e updated the files applets.src.h and usage.h in the library /include.
    lib-$(CONFIG_ELADTEST) += eladtest.o


    after this is done, iv'e typed: sudo make defconfig

    I then typed sudo make menuconfig and i saw my new applet there and checked it.
    I did sudo make and sudo make install.
    I thought all was going good but when im trying to do BusyBox eladtest it tells me that there isn't such applet.
    the wierd thing is that if i go to the library BusyBox/_installs/usr/bin and type ./eladtest it works and print "Helllo World" to the screen.

    Thanks and sorry again for the mistakes.

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    If you still have the old version of Busybox in your path, then it is trying to run that version, which won't have your eladtest applet. Go the tine BusyBox bin directory where you ran eladtest directly and try running ./Busybox eladtest - don't forget the ./ in front of Busybox.
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