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    Comparison of source-based distros?


    I'm looking for a nice comparison of source-based Linux distributions.
    I've used Google before, of course, but didn't find anything like that since most people seem not to be interested in system optimization and cleanness, but am I.

    They should include the most of what Wikipedia calls source-based:
    • CRUX
    • (Gentoo/Funtoo) I've used Gentoo before, so it's not that important for my comparison.
    • Gobo
    • Lunar
    • Sourcerer
    • Source Mage

    ... and possibly such cool and fancy things like:
    • Exherbo
    • NixOS
    • ... others?

    I'm interested in the following:
    • Development activity: How well is it being maintained? How much up-to-date?
    • Development philosophy: How much upstream/patching? Is it easy to commit my own ports?
    • Characteristics: What else being important to know about it?
    • Stability: Is it more or less usable?
    • System & package management (most important): Which (dis)advantages does their package/source management have? --> comparison

    The last point is most important, since I wasn't even able to get some information on it for e.g. CRUX or Source Mage.
    BTW, I want it to use for my desktop, but that shouldn't be too important...

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    Ubuntu isn't on your list, but it's synaptic package manager is one of the easiest to use.
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    Neither Ubuntu nor Arch are source-based, are they?

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    Ubuntu isn't on your list, but it's synaptic package manager is one of the easiest to use.
    I know that's kind of religious war but I find synaptic to be one of the worst package managers ever.
    I think Pacman or Portage, e.g. are much more convenient to use and they are far more flexible. Whatsoever, as already being said: Ubuntu is not a source based distribution, although you can also fetch source files with its package manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbirdpp View Post
    Neither Ubuntu nor Arch are source-based, are they?
    Welcome to the forums!

    That's correct... both of them are generally installed from binaries.

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    Given that there doesn't seem to be anything like this in the WWW until now:

    Is anyone here who'd have enough expert knowledge to write something like that?

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    I tried gentoo and then simply didn't want to move my computer to my router and reinstall from network, so right now I'm trying lunar linux. The installer is a really easy ncurses based installer. But I'm stuck on some gcc issues at the moment, though I do think lunar has potential if I can get networking up... If you're interested in crux this blogger is a devoted crux user kmandla and he has a very complete list of text-based software. That's all I've tried. The differences seem to be installer and the commands used in the package manager...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Blackbirdpp View Post
    Neither Ubuntu nor Arch are source-based, are they?
    linked information does list some of the differences between source based distros you wanted to compare ...

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    Minimal Intro 2 Minimal apropos Distro

    A good intro to the Fluxbox version, which I haven't tried (I really like Salix64-13.1.2-Xfce, though))
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