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    [SOLVED] vsftpd upload problem

    I'm relatively new to the how admin part of FTP servers, but I though I had my server running pretty well until I found a very odd and annoying problem today.

    I have an FTP server that has its IP in the 172.16.10 range. Now I have servers in two toher ranges, one in 192.168.15 and one in 192.168.16 that need to connect to it and upload and download certain files. The servers in the 192.168.15 range are physically in the same location as the FTP server, the ones on 192.168.16 connect through a VPN.

    Using FTP from one of the 192.168.15 servers I can connect, login, get a directory listing, download files and upload files. No problem at all. Now I try from my 192.168.16 range servers. I can connect. I can login. I can get a directory listing. I can download files. But as soon as I try to upload a file, I get "550 Requested action not permitted."

    As mentioned, I'm using a VPN connection. IP-address to connect to are both identical, I use the same logins on both servers (but not both simultaneaously), I issue the exact same commands from both machines. And yet, one is allowed to upload, the other is not. Anyone has any idea what could be the cause of this strange problem? I would think this to be a firewall problem, but the firewall has been set to allow FTP as a service and there's no error stating that a data connection could not be opened.

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    Got it, and a stupid thing it was.

    I inherited this project from one of my collegues who has set up this extensive network. The FTP server I set up was supposed to replace an old FTP server that was set up there. Up to now, the connection between these the 192.168.16.* range and this server was only used to download files, never to upload. Apparantly, my collegue had set up policies in the firewall at both ends to only allow FTP-get. Changing this simply to FTP made things work. Still, I think it's rather confusing that you get a permissions error in this case...

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