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    WLAN Drivers for Presto


    I downloaded and installed sucessfully the OS: Presto
    I think its like Linux.
    Now I would like to use my WLAN Adapter from TP-LINK with the OS.

    Is it possible? Or are threre no drivers for linux distributions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by georg91 View Post
    Is it possible? Or are threre no drivers for linux distributions?
    Welcome to the forums!

    Yes, it might be possible. Most drivers for Linux are already included within the Linux kernel. In those case where they are not, the hardware maker might have Linux drivers available on their website. If they don't, you would either have to try writing your own drivers or find someone else that has written drivers for your device. In some cases, drivers for a different device might work at least partially. I've never used Presto myself and since it's only Linux-based and not a full working distribution, I'm not sure how easy adding any needed drivers will be. Hopefully, someone that already uses Presto will chime in with more info for you.

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    Thanks for your reply

    I found this tutorial. Sorry it is not english ***OMG I cannot post links here ***

    I downloaded the ndiswrapper.
    I prepared the windows drivers.

    Ok but when I entered the command

    make uninstall

    An error message appeared.

    Something like permission denied and so on.

    When I entered the INSTALL Command.
    There appeared a messeage because of a kernel version or so.


    Sorry I didnt knew how to copy the text from the terminal or how to make a screenshot.

    CTRL-C didnt wokred. ^^

    I would try it again and I will copy the text from the terminal.
    But how to do this?


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