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    Force Syvio X9 to browse by cover art and display playlists?

    I have a rather user unfriendly mediaplayer,the syvio x9

    My problem is that the GUI is old fashioned and not at all user friendly. Other mediaplayers like NMT based popcorn etc have a great userinterface with fancy coverbrowsing for films and music. It is my understanding that popcorn and yamj etc uses html to browse coverart. Which turns using a mediaplayer to a joy rather then pain. Syvio x9 looks like something from the DOS age.

    Main problem:
    How can I force Syvio x9 or Linux Venus that I belive is running inside the Syvio X9 to display cover arts and also playlists? I mean I can manage and make those index.html files and playlists on a pc, just need to force the syvio box to read them and get an output on the TV screen.

    The syvio connects to my pc via a switch. How can I force the mediaplayer to read and output brwoser friendly coverart rather then the old skool DOS gui syvio have originally? Because syvio is running Linux maybe I can update or force it to read and output playlist made in ie Amarok?

    To illustrate the difference in GUI take a look at these pics below:

    Standard Syvio x9 GUI:

    As you see from the pic above it does work but no more then just barely. What I would like to able to do is to browse amongst movies and music in an easy cover arts like style like them pic below.

    Fancy cover art music browsing:

    Fancy coverart browsing movies:

    Telnet into Linux Venus on RTD1073DD cpu Syvio X9?

    Not my work posted here.

    So one would think that the box running a Linux distro would be able to read valuable info like html and m3u playlists?

    What I mean is that if I generate playlist or an index.html file with cover arts, artist/film info etc and that html file is transferred via telnet or C-kermit into mediaplayer would the syvio x9 read the file?

    Or must one enable reading playlists and html files first?

    What do you think, possible to make some solution work?
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    Btw I can put in an old HDD or old SSD as storage if that make any difference. Guess if changes are going to be made to the firmware one would need a place to store changes

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    Yamj is often used as jukebox skin. I found an tntroduction how to make your files work with yamj. But will it be possible to force Syvio x9 to read yamj's index.html file?

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    Off Topic but nevertheless related.

    Btw how come I can't use the [spoiler]"Some Hidden text"[/spoiler] in this forum?
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    Hmm I have seen that there are lots of solutions for managing media collections out there. Some of them even have an option to make an html version of the media library.

    Would it be possible to use an app like Griffith, Tellico, or maybe vMovieDB to handle the build part of the html, then force syvio x9 to output the content of html on TV screen?

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