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Thread: Crux and lilo

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    Crux and lilo

    I just finished installing crux, and everything went fine. Problem is, when i got to the end, and ran lilo, it gave me a dev error. Lilo wouldn't run, so i restarted, trying to launch the lilo command again, and now the lilo command isn't found. I probably forgot to mount the hard drive, but, can someone shed some light?

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    lilo configuration

    So you're saying that the lilo command isn't found? As in the command used to write lilo to the boot sector? If that's the case, you probably should reboot from the installation media, reconfigure your partitions and chroot again, and set up lilo right.

    Basically follow the instructions in the crux handbook except you don't need to recopy any files or edit any files except lilo.conf.

    Here's my (pretty basic) lilo.conf for crux 2.7:

    # /etc/lilo.conf: lilo(8) configuration, see lilo.conf(5)
    # End of file

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    sorry for the extremly late reply, but, i dont think thats the problem. when i went back to "re do" everything, once i hit the setup script, i selected /mnt/sda as my install location (only hard drive i have, and wiped it all down), i get a message saying that there is no location like that. so im assuming, i might have installed it to the wrong location.

    my question is, why is /mnt/sda not found?

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    Yeah, sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'm not exactly certain what your problem is but it sounds like you just forgot some minor step.

    First of all, /dev/sda is the hard drive but not the partition, so you should probably specify something like /dev/sda1

    Second, don't forget to mount the partition. to /mnt/[whatever you want], otherwise the location DOESN'T exist.

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