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    Guile-devel headers

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to install a program that requires the guile-devel package. I've managed to install it before, however, I'm unable to do so now while I saved and re-used the syntax I used previously.
    During the configure stage I get these messages:

    checking for guile-config... unknown
    checking for readline in -lreadline... no
    checking for dlopen in -ldl... yes
    checking for scm_lt_dlinit in -lguile-ltdl... no
    checking for dlopen in -lltdl... yes
    checking for gh_eval_str in -lguile... no
    configure: error: linking to guile failed

    From this I thought that I'm either not linking correctly to the guile library or headers. I have however put the guile library directory in the LDFLAGS. Which suggests I'm not linking to the guile-devel headers. I think guile-devel is installed (considering I managed to install the program before) but I'm not sure:

    yum list | grep guile
    guile.x86_64 5:1.6.4-14 installed
    guile.i386 5:1.6.4-14 sl-base
    guile-devel.x86_64 5:1.6.4-14 sl-base

    Naturally I do not have admin rights to perform a yum install or yum update.
    I've tried finding the guile / guile-devel headers but without any succes.

    I've also tried to find any .pc file that is related to guile so that I might be able to fool the configure script into using pkg-config instead of guile-config however I found none.
    Scientific Linux SL release 4.3 (Beryllium)
    Any ideas how I can find the guile / guile-devel headers?



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    I've managed to get it installed. Still don't know what the issue was though.

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