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    Intel Wireless Card and Yoper

    Hi all,

    I am having problems getting my wireless card to work using Yoper, and without my wirless, its just no use to me : ). I have a Fujitsu laptop with 10/100 Ethernet connection and an Intel 2200bg wireless card. I'm not sure if Yoper is automatically compatible with my wireless card, and I'm not Linux-y enough to get into it and make the appropriate changes. I'd bet the Yoper forums have something about this, but they're down for a while. Any help would be appreciated.



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    After spending hours learning how to configure wireless to find out that my access point was broken, I've posted in the excellent yoper forums about setting up wireless; too bat they're down. More bad news is that there is no graphical way to set it up yet, as far as I know. However, it's still not that complicated. Nor is it different than any other distro. I don't use my laptop often enough to remember exactly what to do, but it involves using the iwconfig command to specify the wireless configuration parameters, and/or modifying some wireless config files somewhere in /etc/sysconfig/network-something. Also, make sure the package "wireless-tools" is installed (check with synaptic). I just checked and it's installed on my desktop for some reason, so maybe it comes installed by default. The built-in wireless in my dell inspiron was automatically detected, but I had to set it up using the command line. It's the same as in any other distro, probably most similar to red hat (yoper uses red hat hardware detection) so google for command line wireless setup and see what you find. Post with any specific questions after that, and it may jog my memory into more specific help.

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    i posess a FSC Amilo M7400, so in my case:
    1. Get linux (2.6.x) sources
    2. Compile FSAM7400 module (to activate wifi without pressing button). Linux sources required.
    3. Compile intel driver: ipw2200
    4. configure network: iwconfig

    2) - there is the link to fsam7400
    3) RTFM
    4) man iwconfig


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