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    Linux running Slow

    I am using Linux Fedora 9.0. But since last three days It is getting very slow. Does it affected by virus? What to do to solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    Well, first thing we should do is take a look at the running processes on the system and see what is using up all your resources. One of the best programs to achieve this is top:

    The above will show you a dynamic list of running processes on your system. Try to look for a resource hog. Also take note of your CPU and memory usage. One useful tip with top: Hold shift and use the <, > keys to sort by CPU, MEM ext.

    You can output the information into a file or simply copy and paste the results to this thread.

    Another useful command that will give similar, though static results and sort it by memory is:

    ps aux --sort -rss
    The below command will tell us more about your memory usage in megabyes:

    free -m
    So, try to take note of these things and see if you can find any heavy processes. Feel free to post some of the results to a post so the community can take a look and help you out.
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    You might also look into getting an updated distro, Fedora 9 is ancient and unsupported.
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