I have a Xtreamer media center which has an option to auto mount shares on startup.
The streamer uses this Linux distrib:
Linux myxtreamer #72 Thu Jan 13 18:54:10 KST 2011 mips unknown

This script was created when choosing the automount option:

sleep 10
if [ -d '/tmp/myshare' ]; then
echo ''
mkdir /tmp/myshare

# downloads(MY-PC:
echo 'downloads(MY-PC:' >> /tmp/myshare/share.list
mkdir -p '/tmp/myshare/downloads(MY-PC:'
mount -t cifs '//' '/tmp/myshare/downloads(MY-PC:' -o username=t,password=t,iocharset=utf8,mapchars,soft

When I ssh into the streamer I can see the path but nothing inside it.
I have to run the "mount" command manually and only then I see the files inside the share.

Please advise.