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    Puppy / Pudd - when is it done?

    Greetings, folks!

    So I am new to the Puppy world, and needed to use it in order to clone a drive that couldn't load up the OS normally because it has so many bad sectors. I ended up trying the Pudd utility in Puppy to see if it would successfully clone the drive. It gave me an error and said that Pudd was just going to ignore the errors and keep going. Occasionally it would give me a notification that there was an input/output error, and then continue.

    Additionally, whenever it would hit an error, it would give an error message and then say how many gigs had been cloned. First four, then 16. Unfortunately, since then, I haven't seen any indication of further progress in the clone. On the window, it still says "copying" but I am not sure if I should trust it since I started at 9pm last night, and now it is 2:30pm the next day. While I am copying a hard drive that has about 300GB worth of data on it, it seems an awful long time to just sit there looking pretty.

    Especially since there is a symbol at the bottom, which makes me wonder if it either finished or just stopped. At the bottom is a square type text that looks like this: []

    If any of you could provide some enlightenment for this Pup noob, I would be tremendously grateful. :]

    EDIT: To anyone else who may see this and wonder - it took twenty four hours, but clone finally said "finished." However, it seems to have messed up my external drive pretty fierce for some reason.
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