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    Yoper keeping busy!


    Does anyone know how to get Yoper to quiet down a little?
    I am currently running it on a laptop, and its constantly having the fan on.
    If I boot to WinXP - for example - the fan goes off and it doesnt give a hitch, ever.

    I tried setting up ACPI but that doesnt seem to help anything.
    Any suggestions?


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    Well, as far as i know yoper is highly optimized for the i686. are you running an i686?? I think that because yoper is so highly custimized, it is creating alot of heat which is keeping the fan busy. btw what are you doing with yoper? just using it regularly or compiling lots of big programs?
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    Optimisations do not make more heat, all that is going on is that Winblows has support for the fan control / hardware sensor chip in your laptop and Yoper doesn't - so it defaults to full speed to keep from frying things. Read up on / install lm-sensors, odds are it has support for your chip. Lm-sensors comes with a nice script for controlling fans based on cpu / mainboard tremperature.

    You can try lm_sensors (below) or acpid (which I know nothing about) to get fan control working...

    Install lm-sensors, run sensors-detect, put the commands it gives into an init script (modify /etc/init.d/template and save as lm-sensors) put a symlink like 'S30lm-sensors' into /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/.
    Run pwmconfig, once it is set up create annother init script to start fancontrol (replace PROGRAM with fancontrol in template) call it fancontrol and link it to /etc/rc.d/rc5.d as S(some number higher than lm-sensors, so it starts after)fancontrol.
    Reboot (or run /etc/init.d/lm-sensors start && /etc/init.d/fancontrol start)

    Have fun, I know it's a ***** creating the init scripts by hand so i'm gonna have a go at re-packaging lm_sensors to include them in the RPM - when I get around to it


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