hello every one,

first of all thank you for any help that can be given... im about ready to burn the building to the ground.

ok here is the scenario. i have a IBM lotus notes server running on Nitix Version 5.0.0b #0 (a Linux disto by net integration technologies and was abandoned a long time ago).
i need to install some software onto it for monitoring purposes and i keep getting errors at the ./configure because i'm lacking a C compiler(i think)

error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

unfortunately there is absolutely no documentation on this thing anywhere, and there is no package manager installed as far as i can tell (which is what i was hoping for considering my skill set).

i don't know if it helps but the man who set it up told me it was a version of SUSE(idk how true)

is there any one out there that is willing to help me!?