i have peice of hardware:


it has a compact flash reader on the back that is holding linux both a displaytech 40X4 screen interface and the card reader are conected by seperate ide cables to a motherboard. this hardware was previously used as a embbeded syestem that worked. when i plug it in at the moment there are a few errors but it does boot to the linux. the screen also lights up but has only two lines of squares

i need to get the syestem working again but on ubuntu insted of the embeded linux. the ubuntu will be on a hard drive not the compact flash. the syestem must use ide but i am not interested in creating a new screen to ide conector and writing my own driver. As i did not write the syestem so do not have the source code for a driver. is there a way i can take the driver out of the embeded syestem and put it into ubuntu. if i am thinking in the wrong direction or people need more infomation i would be thankful if they said so.

thank you