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    2 Problems with LFS 6.8

    I've got 2 problems with my newly compiled LFS 6.8.
    The first problem is my network card.
    I have a Intel Wireless 5100 AGN network card, so I compiled the iwlagn driver with the linux kernel.
    Only when I boot up my LFS 6.8 system loading wlan0 fails with the message wlan0 not detected.
    My second problem is that my computer overheats when booted.
    I already know what the problem is, because in Fedora 15 I have the same problem.
    For some reason the power management for the ATI video card is not working properly.
    In Fedora I can fix this problem by issuing the command:
    echo "low" > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_profile
    This command unfortunately does not work on the LFS system, because it has no card detected in the folder drm.
    My guess is that this occurs because it doesn't need the graphics performance because of the lack of an X-window system. (Correct me if i'm wrong).
    Hopefully someone can help me fix this problems.


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    I already found out the prolblem.
    I have a Intel Wireless 5100AGN wireless card.
    To get this card working, you have to install it as module.
    I think this is a bug, which i will report tomorrow.
    Also the Radeon driver needs to be build as module, to get everything working properly.
    This is because there is 1 file which is not included in the kernel.
    In my case this was the file: r600_rls.bin.


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