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    Linpus Lite - Acer Aspire One 521- HELP0

    Having had windows for many years and recently purchased a Acer aspire one 521 running windows 7, i am fedup with the slow speeds and hassel, as i one use the unit for email and browsing. I decided to try Linux Linplus Lite, trying via the windows installer and it loads up to where i see the Linpus icon in the middle of the screen then it just loads to a distorted graphic screen of streaks. Anyone any ideas of how i can fix or can recommend another version of Linux that will work on this machine. Any help much apprecaited. Thanks in advance. Steve

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    I've never used Linpus Linux so I don't know about its installer. Generally you would boot your computer with the installation CD in the drive and not use a windows installer. Ubuntu has an install whereby you can install it as a program within windows.

    Distrowatch is a web site that, among other things, list the 100 most popular Linux distributions. Linpus Linux is not on it and has not been for some time. I would suggest you go to their site and try any in the top ten. What works will depend to some extent on your hardware. The distrowatch site has links to these distributions so you can get details on each.

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    I also wouldn't recommend Linpus. It is very common in China because it has very good support for Chinese characters and such, but if you want to try a Red Hat based Linux, better use Fedora (which is the base for Linpus).
    Further I can recommend Mint or Sabayon (for more advanced users).
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    Hello and Welcome!

    The Windows installer is typically not going to play nice when installing Linux.
    I agree with yancek's idea of taking a good look at Distrowatch, and would also suggest using the search feature they they have.
    Looking through the netbook category shows multiple options, including Ubuntu and one of it's spins, Lubuntu.

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    Depending on your specs, one of the top 10 or so from top 100 would be a good idea to start with. If you want a netbnook friendly distro, Ubuntu netbook edition or easypeasy are two I recommend. Welcome to the world of linux. Happy to have you join us.
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