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Thread: MoonOS, update?

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    MoonOS, update?

    I just installed MoonOS on the laptop on my other thread and came to a quick question.

    It has FireFox 3.6 when installed. So how would I go about updating that?

    Then shouldn't it be trying to update right now after being out that long?

    Any info on this OS is appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by jreidsma View Post
    Any info on this OS is appreciated
    Apparently, we don't have many MoonOS users here because out of the thousands of threads that have been created on these forums, only 14 of them mention anything about MoonOS, and 2 of those threads were created by you earlier today. Maybe you can become our resident MoonOS expert and tell us how things are done in that distro.

    Hopefully someone that has used it will chime in with some tips for you.

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    I found the forum made right on the website of MoonOS. I am going to check it out some.

    If I can't find a way to update anything then I might have to pass on using this distro for a while.

    Do you know of any good distros that use some sort of bar like Mac computers have? Enlightenment is the desktop used in MoonOS and I like it quite a bit.

    I asked on the MoonOS forums how to update the FireFox, and if it should be updating by now. If I get an answer and I find that I can update firefox I am going to re-install it. But for right now (until I get an answer) I have fedora on it and I am going to try to personalize it some
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    Macpup is based on Puppy Linux and is supposed to mac like and uses enlightenment.

    Macpup: A beautiful derivative of Puppy Linux

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    I use macpup as a live CD for older computers

    Puppy linux and macpup are my favorite live CD's right now

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    You can download Mozilla Firefox Web Browser bz file. Extract it to /home/(user name) or even /opt

    Use the link below to add/make a new launcher in E17 for newer firefox or look through runt21 macpup threads.

    Make Enlightenment E17 desktop aware of new applications

    I run different browsers in Macpup statically like this . QTweb Browser is one example I run static. You can do this in Moon Os (I used to play with it a while back in early days of release). E17 is easy to make new launchers with (menu or shelve). Check out all of runt21 posts on the web for editing E17. He has posted tons of stuff on editing and tweaking E17 on Macpup. What works for tweaking E17 in Macpup (steps taken ,But, file location will be different in Moon Os from Macpup) ,will work in Moon Os.

    Also. Whatever version of Ubuntu Moon Os version you have is based on. Updating Firefox via apt-get, Synaptic, or Software center should be the same as updating Firefox in that Ubuntu version/release.

    Edit. Oh yeah.


    Do you know of any good distros that use some sort of bar like Mac computers have? Enlightenment is the desktop used in MoonOS and I like it quite a bit.
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    On the MoonOS forums I got n answer on how to update both firefox and the OS itself.

    I guess mine should be updating. But for some reason it's not. So I am going to try to make it update threw the terminal.

    I have Bodhi Linux burnt on a CD already Just got it last night!

    Thanks, and hope you have nice day

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    I updated it and upgraded Firefox via the terminal

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    Moon is based on Ubuntu, so you should have Synaptic, or could apt-get update.
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    After I re-installed it on my laptop it updated perfectly without me having to resort to the terminal. I guess it didn't install right the first time?

    I am trying out conky right now Getting the scripts put in.

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