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    Installing Yoper without Burning ISO Image?

    Ok, well, I decided that it was about time I tried out Linux. I first downloaded Slackware, burned it to a CD, then tried to install it but failed miserably. I posted in a forum and someone said I was way over my head with Slackware, they told me to try Yoper. So, I downloaded Yoper a couple days ago, and repeatedly tried to burn it but it seems my CD Drive has died. So, I was wondering, is there any other way I can install Yoper on my harddrive? It would be great if someone could help.


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    what seemed to be the problem while you were burning (And as the forum rules say no images in your signature)

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    Sorry about the signature thing, I didn't know. But yeah, I've used tons of different software to burn the iso to a CD. Nero, Roxio, DeepBurner, Fireburner, and some other ones. It says that it successfully burns the CD, but when I check the CD, there is nothing on it. The CD is still blank. Sometimes it just turns the 700mb disc into a 535 mb disc even though there are no files on it. It also seems that my computer won't autoplay CD's anymore. I put the CD in and I have to go to My Computer and open the CD manually.

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    I would just buy a cd if i were you, xsolutions here in NZ does discs for NZ$5 inc. postage! only in NZ unfortunatley.

    I don't know where you are so I can't give you any pointers on where to get one.

    BTW, Slak ain't that hard. It was my first Linux you just gotta get cozy with vi.


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    I definitely would buy a CD, but I'm only 14 and don't have a Paypal account and I'm sure my parents wouldn't want to give me their's so I can buy Linux off the internet. They would say to me something like: "You nerd", lol.

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    His/her original question (which I am also interesting in knowing the answer to) has not been addressed. How do you install Yoper without burning an ISO onto a CD?

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    I really don't see any documentation on either yoper's site or from a quick google search that says you can

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    Back to the CD Drive being borked...can you burn anything else with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarumont
    Back to the CD Drive being borked...can you burn anything else with it?
    I'm able to Copy CD's, that's about it.

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    well, when I install yoper, it get to a part where it looks for "installation media" First it checks my windows partition which is named somethng like hda and it dosen't find it there so it searches /dev/cdrom where it finds my cd with my .iso on it. But it does check my hard drive. how to get it to do that without an .iso cd im not sure...
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