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    How do you enable SSL encryption in Konqueror?

    How do you enable SSL encryption in Konqueror? I read on the site that it is enabled by default but I am getting the pop-up that says Im not encrypted. I look in the konquerors configuration under crypto and it looks to be enabled. Or is it that you only get encrytion if the site u visit is encrypted? Hmm just visited a site that tests your encryption and said my connection was secure with SSL encryption. hmm more research

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    You only use ssl if the site you're visiting uses ssl. Read the error message more carefully next time...I believe you'll find that it is telling you that you are going from an encrypted site to an unencrypted site (or something similar).
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    You will only get "into" SSL channel if the page you request, in on a secured channel... (ex: Bank Login page) you will notice your in a Secure Channel if in the browser, you see (HTTPS instead of HTTP)
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