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    yoper and Kernel 2.6.9

    Has anyone at all managed to get yoper to work with kernel 2.6.9?

    I have tried it various times, but when i reboot it complains that is cannot detect my / partition or that their is a problem with it.

    my / partiiton is formatted in reiserfs which i have compiled into the kernel, so i don't know what the problem is as works just fine.

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    hmm. after a fresh install i've tried this again with the 2.6.9 kernel (now nitro sources patched) and still no luck.

    upon boot i get a message saying:

    ####an error occured during the file system check
    ####dropping you to a shell

    From there i can give my root password and gain readonly access to the system. It no seems the error is on /dev/hda6 which has been reformatted in reisferfs now (as i thought it may have been reiser4 giving me the problems last time).

    if i try #reiserfsck /dev/hda6 i get an error saying that is cannot open the device.

    is this just a problem with Yoper? (when i ran gentoo the 2.6.9 worked fine)

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    Did you perhaps format it in reiser4? Also you may have forgotten support for your chipset. Without this, yoper wouldn't be able to see any of your disks or partitions.
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    er no it is formatted in reiserfs it was previously formatted in reiser4, i now that for a fact as if i had it wrong in the fstab then the other kernels wouldn't boot. Support for my chipset is also compiled into the kernel.

    Like i said this problem has only happened on yoper using the vanilla 2.6.9 kernel.

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    I would suggest investigating what patches the yoper team added to the vanilla 2.6.8 kernel, it might be a reiserfs version mismatch. mixing versions of reisrefsprogs / kernel drivers can have kinda unpredictable results. (I hosed a disk like that)
    Does your chipset have any bugfixes in the kernel? are they enabled? tried disbling hdparm / dma?
    How did you compile the new kernel? I would do a make oldconfig
    on the .config from the yoper kernel...
    Is your initrd set up properly?
    I would get the SRPM for the latest yoper kernel an looking at what patches have been used... but I can't afford an ~80mb download right now.


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