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    Best Distro for playing video on a laptop with max battery life

    Dear Forum,

    As a owner of a laptop HP pavillion dv8 and being a movie enthausiast, I would like to know if there is a linux distro that enables me to few movies (mostly avi) with a significant improvement to battery life.

    The deal is that the distro doesnt have to do anything else besides that, (take that I have some way of getting the movies on there).

    Being quite dissapointed in the battery life of 2.5 hours on max saving in MSwindows, I was hoping a Linux distribution could help me out!

    Kind regards,


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    Short of buying a larger capacity battery. You might look into doing a minimal Antix Core, Ubuntu minimal, Arch, Debian, Slackware install with just a minimal Desktop (Fluxbox, Icewm, Jwm) and Applications that you require. You will need to install a movie player and required codecs to play them though . This requires certain Linux knowledge though and from the sounds of it. You are new to Linux.

    So. For out of the box for a new user. I would try Linux Mint 11 "Katya" - LXDE (32-bit) - Linux Mint
    which comes with a movie player, codecs to play them and a lightweight Desktop like LXDE .

    Just suggesting this because I am assuming you have little or no linux experience.
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    Hey and thank you for responding so quickly,

    As for my expierance, I have used some linux before namely ubuntu. Did some things with virtualisation, bash and ssh but mostly just for educating myself.

    I will try your "Linux Mint 11 "Katya" - LXDE (32-bit) - Linux Mint" but those other destro's look reaaallly nice too. Just out of self intrest ofcourse. Which of the " minimal Antix Core, Arch, Debian, Slackware" do you think is best for the purpose of playing movies (at low efficientcy) but is diffecult (thus fun) to install?

    Kind regards,

    Chris, Linux enthousiast.

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    Hmmm. Ok. As far as difficult to install or fun. I would say Arch or Slackware . Being prejudice (personal opinion goes here).

    My AntiX core Install with Fluxbox and rox file manager and all codecs with Gxine Movie Player pulls about 50MB of ram running with nothing launched. I get about 3 hours with a new 4200mah IBM T23 laptop battery out of it (I just bought from Hong Kong on ebay).
    Mine is just a low end laptop (ancient by some peoples standards) with 1 gig of ram. On my Amrel rt 786 laptop with 2 batteries with AntiX core (I run LXDE on it) I get 8 hours of battery life on it. In the screenshot the laptop has been on for 4 hours and still shows 4 hours left.

    I don't have a lot of deamons running though. Ceni for network manager even. I use a lot of cli applications also. If interested in AntiX core install with XFCE Desktop.

    Brian Masinick Blog: Creating your very own antiX core system from scratch

    The guy is a compadre of mine in AntiX and this install is done on a Campaq Laptop with a broadcom 4311 wireless chipset .

    I don't think he installed a movie player or codecs in his tutorial but Since Antix is Debian Testing, any Debian Wheezy Tutorial for installing a movie player and codecs from command line will suffice.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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