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    einstein, 910, have a look at this. I remember having the same problem and remember it has to do with how one's xorg.conf is set up. Most would have given up by now. I admire your tenacity!
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    thank you for the tip. this did not solve the problem however. it still launches with a black desktop and a mouse pointer but i cant interact. i am going to leave that line there in case it is needed. some time today i am going to try to post my xorg.conf file (which i had to generate using xorg -configure, because there wasn't one) so that maybe you geniuses in here can tell me what i am doing wrong lol. thanks so much for the help guys. i'm off to C++ class, gotta write like a 200 line program today in lab

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    update: i haven't tried anything new since my last post. however, the admin website started working again somehow so i won't be reloading it for a lil while.

    slightly off topic: I am saving up for a new box to run it. i was wanting a mini-itx form factor mobo that can handle my am2+ quad core and support 8gb ram but that's kinda hard to find. im prolly gonna go with a micro-atx. btw i have a nice mini-itx hp box with psu if anyone is interested lol. it would make a good media pc

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