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    apt, Xfree86, and kdelibs

    Let me start by saying, I am really new to both linux and Yoper. So if I sound like a complete newb... it's because I am. My first distro was FC2 and I am used to using yum to search for updates and software packages.

    The problem I am experiencing is when apt gets to the install phase (not downloading) on either kdelibs or Xfree86 it hangs and stops doing anything. The third time I tested it I started the upgrade before I went to bed and when I got up, sure enough it was still hung. In both synaptic and kpackage the progress bar for the items in question show full but hang at that point. It offers no errors it just hangs and I have to kill the process. When I reload synaptic or kpackage and check whether the new versions are installed they are but so are the old versions which is not supposed to happen. Any suggestions?

    I have consistantly had this problem with fresh installs of Yoper updating with all apt front ends and the command line. I figured out the apt commands used for updating and upgrading by looking at what commands Kpackage passed. I installed Yoper on a machine at work and did not have any trouble updating.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have posted here in hopes of assistance since the yoper forums seem to be down. I have also seen a lot of posts about yoper possibly not doing so hot which is unfortunate since I like its features. If I can't get this working within the near future I am probably going to switch back to FC3.

    This is my hardware:
    AMD Athlon 2600
    Innovision GForce FX 5200
    512MB 2100 DDR
    Syntax K7S746FX Motherboard

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    Re: apt, Xfree86, and kdelibs

    Some people have issues with apt-get in Yoper. It's not debian's apt-get unfortunately. It uses rpm packages and I guess it's the main problem

    Well, anyway. I'd suggest doing this (in loop):
    - use command line, instead of synaptic
    - if something breaks during installation: press CTRL+C, remove the lock (located in /var/cache/apt/rpm/transaction - as far as I remember)
    - invoke the same command again

    Finally (after a few hangs) it should install all packages needed.
    Sorry, Yoper is not perfect

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    I had the same issues and I went through the same solutions that Michux suggested to get things to work

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    I'll try it out. Thanks.

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