Having some issue's trying to connect to my wifi network regardless if i'm using encryption or not.

If i try using WPA2 i get an error: "Connection Failed:Bad Password" I've tried every suggestion on the internet i could find regarding this problem to no avail.

So i tired disabling the security on the AP, this resulted in the error "connection failed: could not get ip address". I then tried using a static ip which also resulted in an error "connection Failed:could not locate network" or something of that nature.

The system i am trying to use this on is a dell 1545 with a Broadcom BCM4312. I have tried BT5 KDE 32,BT5 KDE 64,BT5 Gnome as well as bt4 and it isn't working on either release.

anybody have any idea what to try or what the problem could be?