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    Sharing files between WinXp and CentOS on vmware

    Hi Friends,

    Is there a way to share files and folders between WinXP and CentOS installed on same WinXP machine via VMware i.e I have installed iso image in vmware to run it as windows program.

    Thanks and regards,

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    • samba (Linux has client to mount Windows shares, or you could install Samba server and have Windows access Linux samba shares)

    • ftp (server on Linux, Windows has command line client - ftp)

    • ssh (server on Linux, putty in Windows as client)

    • some built-in file sharing capabilities in VMware that I don't know about

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    Hi Atreyu,

    Thanks for the reply.
    But i am new to linux environment and my question might be quite stupid. But how can i install various application in CentOS which is a vmware image on my winxp system ?
    Please guide me so that i can install samba server/client.


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    What version of CentOS are you running?

    cat /etc/redhat-release
    Is your CentOS box able to get to the internet? If so, then yum is the tool you will need to get to know. It is a package manager which will handle software dependencies for you. It calls rpm behind the scenes, but don't worry about that for now.

    Run all the following commands as root.

    Make sure you can see the default CentOS repos:

    yum repolist
    Then start with the ftp daemon:
    yum install vsftpd
    Configure the daemon to autostart at boot time:
    chkconfig vsftpd on
    Edit the daemon config file as needed:
    vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
    Read up on that config file:
    man vsftpd.conf
    Fire up the ftp daemon:
    service vsftpd start
    This calls a shell script, /etc/init.d/vsftpd, to control the daemon, FYI.

    Create a user for ftp with password of "password", e.g.:
    useradd -g users ftpuser
    echo password|passwd ftpuser --stdin
    Test your ftp daemon with your new user:
    ftp localhost
    Note: you might need to temporarily disable your firewall, in order to get it working (if so, we'll configure it later):
    service iptables stop
    Note2: you might need to temporarily disable SELinux, too:
    setenforce 0
    Get that much going, then try to ftp to your Linux box from your Windows machine.

    Report your progress...

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    Hi Atreyu

    Thanks for guiding me !!!
    it was awesome to set the ftp...thanks a lot.

    The CentOS version is 5.6 (vmware image) that i run on my winxp system.

    I did login successfully also, but did NOT succeed to ftp to CentOS from WinXP

    I tried even from FileZilla but no success. I know it would sound like spoon feeding but can you please guide me with the next steps.
    I want to set the ftp such that i can transfer files from windows to CentOS and back from CentOS to windows.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Sorry for the slow response...was out of pocket. Have you already solved your problem? If not....

    So did you start the ftp server on the Linux side? e.g.:

    service vsftpd start
    Did you create the user as suggested?

    Did you try to connect locally (on the Linux side) first, as a test? e.g.:

    ftp localhost
    If it fails, show what messages are sent to your terminal. Also check logs:
    To set up an FTP server on the Windows side, you can use the FTP server built-into IIS (depending on your version of Windows - it may come with it). There are also freeware FTP servers you can use, such as War FTP Daemon.

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    If you want just copy file betwen your windows with linux, I thing beside ftp and samba you can use winscp and install it on your windows xp.

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