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    Well, there is one particular config file that took a LONG time to setup, which I would be very disappointed to find that I lost permanetly. If I DO somehow mess up my system, I already have everything I really need already off the computer, so I can always format and reinstall.

    Thanks for your help, I will post back with any further questions or results.

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    Good luck.

    I donīt want to sound like Captain Hindsight(tm), but as a sysadmin I am somewhat urged to bring these points to attention for a possible fresh install:
    - automatization (puppet)
    - backup (bacula)
    - monitoring (xymon)
    - revision control system (subversion or git)
    - documentation (wiki of your choice)

    With these in place, the server is somewhat secured and even if it would die unrecoverable:
    It is then easier to re-establish.
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    Well the MineOS+ distro is built specifically for administering a Minecraft server, and has plenty of tools for backing up, monitoring the system and automatization, which I feel are plenty adequete. Their only oversight was the lack of plugin backup whatsoever, so I will make sure to set this up myself (which should be a simple matter of replacing the symlink to the plugins directory with an actual directory withing the world folder, allowing the plugins to be archived and backed up). I will look into these as well, just in case they offer something significant that the developers have missed. I have already alerted them to the fact that the lack of plugin backups is a problem.

    EDIT: In case you want to look into it,
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