I'm using the most recent version of Clonezilla based on Oneiric. It is installed to a single NTFS partition (did some syslinux magic) - /dev/sdb1.

On boot, $mount shows nothing for sdb1 while /proc/mounts shows that sdb1 has been automounted as read-only ntfs (not ntfs-3g) to /live/image. When I issue $umount /live/image, I am told the device is busy. When I issue $umount /dev/sdb1, I am told that it isn't mounted. I CAN do a lazy unmount of /live/image, and that works, but when I try to mount the location as type ntfs-3g so it can be rw, I am told that the device is busy.

What the heck am I missing??? I just want to have Clonezilla automount this drive as ntfs-3g rw so I can use it to save images. Right now, I can only restore them, and that's only half-functional! I'm having a blonde moment, I think. Thanks for the help!