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    Use for Puppy Linux

    I have a friend who did computer repair from home. Recently he had a computer that he could not find the problem with. I told him to use puppy linux. That in itself was funny because he hates linux. Anyways in the end he refused to use Puppy. He had to replace a customer's hdd (which wasn't the problem) and still had to fix the computer again.

    Now if I remember correctly pretty old puppy is my back up buddy when doing a repair especially when I have a WTF is wrong moment.

    Last time I checked my puppy works amazingly well for hooking into a windows computer...(sorry never had to use it for a linux fix) and seeing if the hdd was the problem.

    I know on windows xp and earlier you can peek into a hdd without needing any credentials however I have not tried this with windows Vista/7.

    Why do people sweep this powerful little OS under the rug so quickly?

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    Why do people sweep this powerful little OS under the rug so quickly?
    On my Windows 7 Acer Aspire 5534. I can access anything I want from Racy 5.2.2 on USB. Beats me why. Ignorance is my best guess, I guess.
    A puppy cd is one of the best tools one can have in a computer toolbox IMHO.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Another question is what is everyone's opinion about installing Puppy to Hard drive?

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    Hello DETH !

    Here is my story about my Puppy Linux 5.25 install, along with other OS.

    The Lupu Puppy Linux 5.25 is built on the Ubuntu binaries.
    Will pull applications from the large Ubuntu repository.
    Designed to run on smaller computers.
    Will boot and run very well from a Live-CD.
    No need to alter the M$-XP booting files.

    If you do a "frugal" install of 3 compressed (Squash) files to the XP HD,
    then you can continue to boot from Live-CD
    and continue to pull applications from their Puppy-Ubuntu repository.
    These many applications (such as Libre-Office) are Squash (compressed) files,
    which are written to the XP HD. Very simple approach.
    How many applications you pull from the Puppy-Ubuntu repository is up to you.
    Thus the overall size of your Linux OS is under your control.
    Mine tops out at 2 GigBytes, with all the whistles and bells.
    Very small compared to my M$-XP OS of 8 GigBytes.

    My current installation of Puppy Linux is as virus proof as can be,
    and has Libre-Office, FireFox & IRON browsers, GIMP graphics like Adobe-Photo-Shop, etc. .

    So, the question was:
    Why Should We Use Puppy-Linux installed Frugal to the Hard Drive
    For me it is
    speed ,
    easy alteration / backup ,
    and (most importantly) Engineering Playfulness.

    I boot into Linux or XP via several different methods.

    If you have an engineering background / mindset,
    then my computer system might be interesting to you.

    My main computer is a HP, 1GB Ram, 40GB HD.
    Normally I boot off a pendrive, but can also boot off the HD.
    This is a multi-boot computer,
    which will power-up boot the M$ XP Master Boot Record
    and then present a Menu for further selection of specific OS to run.

    I have five Linux systems installed on this main computer.
    M$-XP will present a menu to select:
    (1) Microsoft XP-Pro (with my AutoCAD, and FoxPro.
    (2) Puppy Linux, with my Libre-Office, FoxFire, GIMP.
    (3) Parted-Magic Linux, with Grsync and Gparted.
    (4) Ubuntu 11.
    (5) TinyCore Linux 4.0.

    (1) I can use my pendrive Puppy Linux to re-boot onto my M$-XP computer OS chainloading via the HD Master Boot Record (MBR).
    (2) I can use my pendrive Puppy Linux to re-boot onto my M$-XP computer OS directly,
    bypassing the Master Boot Record (MBR).
    (3) I can do a normal power-up into the M$-XP computer,
    using the XP Master Boot Record, and still have a Linux style menu to re-select several OS
    such as Microsoft-XP / Puppy-Linux / Parted-Magic-Linux / Ubuntu-Linux / TinyCore-Linux.

    glene77is, Memphis, TN
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