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    Annoing Connectivity Issue

    EDIT: Sorry, this issue has changed quite a lot, so I've rewitten this post:

    Info: servers are CentOS 5, they run Plesk, use ProFTP.

    Hi guys, on each of my webservers, I'm trying to set up a backup solution. I have a backup directory here: /home/site_backups. I want to be able to access this via FTP, so I created a new user, and that all works fine when I access it with FileZilla. However, when I try and use wget to pull the files, it doesn't work. Here's the command I'm using:

    wget --ftp-user=[user] --ftp-password=[pass] [IP]/file.tar.gz (I use 'ftp colon //' on the front of the URL, but I can't post that here apparently until I've made 15 posts.)

    It just says 'Connecting to' and doesn't connect.

    This server has several IP addresses, and I've noticed that when I try to do this for any FTP account on the default/primary server IP address, I get the same problem. If I use the same command to get a file from the server which uses one of the other IP addresses, it works fine.

    I'm a Linux noob, so I'm not really sure how exactly IP addresses work with Linux, but I guess they're administrated by Plesk, so it might be an issue with that? Totally stumped right now!

    Also, I can't seem to ping the primary address of any of the servers, but I can do it for the other IP addresses of the servers, so there's something to do with that I'm missing.
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    You can use ftp from the command line.

    ftp user@ftphost

    Once you get a good connection, you can play around with the options like get, put, and entering the password.

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