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    oracles express 11 os ?

    I am wondering going thru the unix chart here
    The Unix family tree - Computerworld

    I have oracles express 11 os's with package manager pkg and the gui packagemanagers version

    I am wondering uname -a shows
    SunOS solaris 5.11 snv_151a i86pc i386 i86pc

    So is this oracles express 11 similar to the sunos on the chart is that where they took the code base for this distro from i.e kernel ,...etc

    Or did it come from the solaris like opensolaris ,...etc on the chart

    I am just trying to figure out where the kernel and things are from or derived for on this system.

    uname makes me think it is just a newer free version of sunos with alot of other niceities in it.

    Anybody with more info please share.

    I was always curious about the difference between this one and opensolaris...

    jack cann't help me on this one from the live dvd of course I have to install it before I can install new software from the package managers gui or not ... because of read only file permissions

    makes since though

    thanks for any help
    I do have to say ZFS is great you can do snapshots like Mac OS X's Time Machine coooooool
    I sort of get from the wiki that it is just a newer version of the old sunos's / solaris os' but I don't know which on it falls under on the chart more sunos or solaris tree/blocks
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    Never mind this explained it all Solaris (operating system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It turns out ALL the sunos , was where it came from when sun got bought by oracle the started making the open express, openindiana ,...etc stuff

    And even farther back sunos was based on system v , xenix , bsd to some extent.


    Now I got play with solaris opensolaris based distro's to see if there is much differences.
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    never mind think they are really the same or similar if at all different oracle express 11 to oracle open solaris 11
    I think I just got confused on the names all set pretty much can use an of the bunch with easys

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    Then there is the overlap between SunOS and Solaris names:

    SunOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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