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    Need help running DSL through VirtualBox

    Hi there - very new here, so please don't be too harsh

    I have a mac, and recently installed the 50mb current.iso file of DSL, and then installed 'VirtualBox' to run it through.

    Only problem is, I'm VERY new to all the Linux systems, and I have no idea how to proceed.

    When i try and upload an image on the VB, I can't highlight the newly downloaded DSL package(its in a shaded grey colour as opposed to a normal blue(ey) colour)
    Do I need to unzip the file first?

    If there is anyone out there that can even slightly help, that would be magical - and if what I said made zero sense, I apologise in advance!

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    Are you trying to boot DSL in VirtualBox which you have installed on the Mac? If that is what you are doing, then you need to create a new virtual machine. The interface changes from version to version of VBox but you should have a "New" tab when you open VirtualBox. Just click on that and follow the prompts. You should get to a window name virtual disk file location and size which has a location box. On the version of VBox I use, there is a folder icon with a green arrow which you would click to navigate to where your iso file is and proceed from there.

    You do not unzip the iso file, you need it as an iso to boot. I'm not really sure if this is your problem? At what step are you trying to highlight the DSL iso file? I'm also not sure what you mean by installing DSL and then trying to run it in VirtualBox. Have you just downloaded the DSL iso file? or have you actually installed it to a partition? More details would help.

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    !! You are an actual star - I had a similar 'folder icon with a green arrow' but didn't know what it was for. Clicked that and found my iso file.1

    Thanks so so much!!

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