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    Can't install Flash on SliTaz 4.0 in Opera browser?

    I've already asked on their forums, no reply, so I'm asking here. It comes with Midori, but apparently doesn't work right with Flash. So I'm using the Opera browser, and when I try to install it, I get this message:

    Installation of : flash-plugin

    Copying flash-plugin... [ OK ]
    Extracting flash-plugin... [ OK ]
    Extracting the pseudo fs... (lzma) [ OK ]
    Installing flash-plugin... [ OK ]
    Removing all tmp files... [ OK ]
    Processing post install commands... [ Failed ]

    flash-plugin (final) is installed.

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    I use SliTas as well as other distros namely because its like changing a car as soon as a new one is out you want to test drive it.
    I guess you used the Tas package manager to install flash. Yep it doesnt work.
    try this
    Open up xterminal (thats the black icon top left hand corner)

    Type in as follows .................

    su ( press enter)
    root (Press enter) " I am assuming that you havent changed the root password"
    tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin (press enter)
    get-flash-plugin (press enter)

    I actually rebooted and hey it worked. Might be easier to copy and paste some of the lines.
    With regards to Midori browser I cant fault it. All the functions that Opera or firefox has it seems to have and I am a convert now.
    As for SliTaz I think its brilliant and getting better.

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